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Medieval Leather Knife Sheaths

Antiquities - Medieval

LOT 827

£100 - 150
EUR 140 - 210
USD 160 - 230

Sold for (Inc. premium): £184


Circa 14th-15th century AD. A set of two knife sheaths: the smaller with two panels of stamped lozenge decoration on the outer face, stitching holes and slits for a suspension strap, the leather curved to accommodate the blade; the larger decorated with diagonal stripes on the lower end, the upper provided with a raised panel to accommodate a smaller knife, also decorated with a panel of diagonal stripes, with stitching holes and slits for a suspension strap. Leather, 7.8 grams, 165 mm; 7.03 grams, 133 mm. Very fine condition. Rare. [2]

Found by David Morgan while digging at the Billingsgate site, London in 1982.

See Wheeler, R.E.M. London Museum Medieval Catalogue.

Friday 18th March 2011 at The Swedenborg Hall 20-21 Bloomsbury Way
London WC1A 2TH

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Lot No. 827

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Friday 18th March 2011 at The Swedenborg Hall 20-21 Bloomsbury Way
London WC1A 2TH

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