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Western Asiatic Plaque with Harpist

Antiquities - Western Asiatic

LOT 2484

GBP (£) 200 - 300
EUR (€) 240 - 360
USD ($) 250 - 370

Sold for (Inc. premium): £1,066

20th-17th century BC

A rectangular baked clay plaque with low relief motif of a seated musician in long robe playing a harp. 94 grams, 10.6cm (4 1/4"). Fine condition. [No Reserve]

From a German collection; acquired on the German art market before 1990.

See similar piece in Louvre museum, France, AO 12453.

In whole area of Ancient Mesopotamia, music had a vital social and religious function. It was an important part of evens both official,ceremonial and religious. Most likely every palace and temple had its own professional musicians and musical instruments such as harp, lyre, lute, reed pipe and drum.

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Lot No. 2484

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