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Celtic - Amorica - Osismii - Quarter Stater

Coins - Celtic Iron Age

LOT 043

GBP (£) 100 - 200
EUR (€) 110 - 230
USD ($) 130 - 270
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Sold for (Inc. premium): £144


C. 1st century BC. Armorica. Osismii Corisopites. Electrum Quarter Stater. Obv: profile bust left with ornate hair curls. Rev: human-headed horse left with bird above and bull right below. Scarce. 1.44 grams.


De La Tour XXII, 6584; de Jersey p. 85-6; Scheers 'série au taureau', bull type; Ascribed to Coriosopites by De La Tour.

This coin type originates from Finistere, in the west of Brittany, and is one of a complex series of coinages attributed to the tribe of the Osismii. The reverse bears the human-headed horse which is depicted on many of the Celtic coins from Brittany and Normandy, the area also known as Armorica. Beneath this horse is a bull/cow. The bird on the horse's back may depict an eagle. A few examples have been found in the UK (see CCI 97.0986 for another example of this type).

Friday 19th March 2010 at The Swedenborg Hall Antiquities & Coins

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