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Celtic - Gaul - Quarter Stater

Coins - Celtic Iron Age

LOT 040

GBP (£) 150 - 250
EUR (€) 170 - 280
USD ($) 200 - 330
Additional Fees*

Sold for (Inc. premium): £311


1st century BC. Gaul. Obv: wreath and crescents. Rev: horse left with knob-ended tail and symbols. Interesting and apparently not recorded. 1.54 grams.

Fine, reverse better.

A number have been found in the Chichester area.

The style of the horse with its long, knobbed tail, is well attested in the series (cf. DT 181 and 187), but the obverse definitely looks unusual and may be an unrecorded variant of DT 180-187.

The style, metal and weight seem to indicate that it comes from a vast Gallo-Belgic series - many varieties, wide distribution - which is known to French dealers and collectors as "aux segment de cercles" or "aux arcs de cercle". The series has traditionally been ascribed to the Remi, and this attribution was maintained by the most recent work: Jean-Marc Doyen, Les subdivisions "aux segments de cercle" type BN 8030, Mélanges Colbert de Beaulieu, Paris, 1987, p.315-330.

Friday 19th March 2010 at The Swedenborg Hall Antiquities & Coins

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Lot No. 040

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