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LOT WITHDRAWN Indo-Greek - Kushan - Kanishka I - Gold Buddha Quarter Dinar

Coins - Greek

LOT 0084

GBP (£) 4,000 - 6,000
EUR (€) 4,480 - 6,730
USD ($) 5,270 - 7,900
Additional Fees*

Opening Bid: £3,600 (EUR 4,036; USD 4,740)

Circa 128-151 AD. Obv: PAO NANO PAO KA[ ]NO (King of Kings, Kanishka Kushan) legend with king standing left, wearing helmet and diadem, wearing coat, cloak and trousers, holding elephant-goad over altar, and spear, sword at his side. Rev: BODDO legend with nimbate Buddha standing facing, raising hand before him in gesture of abhayamudra, ("have no fear") and holding robe; tamgha to right; die axis 12. 2.02 grams.

Good very fine. Excessively rare and important; only a few examples recorded (same dies as Bibliotheque Nationale specimen).

Fr. India 15; Goebl, Kushan 73; MK 73; see Robert Gobl, System und Chronologie des Munzpragung des Kushanreiches, Vienna, 1984. Pl. 9. No. 73; illustrates the example in the Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris (1.96 gm, die axis: 12, this example emanated from the Peshawar market in 1953 - same dies as this coin); see Gerard Fussman, Monnaie d‘or de Kanishka inedite au type de Buddha, Revue Numismatique, 1982, pp.155-169; see Joe Cribb, Kanishka’s Buddha image coins revisited in Silk Road Art and Archaeology, Journal of the Institute of Silk Road Studies, Kamakura [Vol. 6.], 1999-2000, records a further two examples; No.5, private collection, Japan; No.6, formally Skanda collection, USA (Spink-Taisei, Singapore [9.]. 20 February 1991, lot 18). See A. Carter, A consideration of some iconographic details of Buddha images on Kushan coins, in A.K. Jha and and S. Garg, Moneta, Essays on Numismatics in Honour of Dr. David MacDowell, Delhi, 1998, pp. 215-236, fig 1d; see Wildwinds.com (this coin).

These coins represent the earliest numismatic image of the Buddha. For the full stater see: J.M. Rosenfeld, The Dynastic Arts of the Kushans, California University Press, 1967. No. 88, p.76. Gobl. op. cit. Pl. 8. No. 66, see Katsumi Tanobe, Silk Road Coins: The Hirayama Collection, British Museum, 1993. No.50. Cribb, Op. cit. records three, with detailed bibliography, the British Museum example [No.1.] 7.04 gm, found Ahin Posh stupa, Afghanistan, acquired before 1886; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, accession no. 31.895 (stolen and destroyed 1978) [No.2] and Hirayama collection (supra), [No.3].

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